Monday, 11 June 2018

the Flipped Classroom

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  1. I believe that, as teachers, we need to be in constant change i.e. exploring, adapting and including new ideas into our classroom. The notion of flipped classroom may sound new for some people; briefly, it involves transferring, changing and adapting the course of certain learning elements outside the school i.e. at home. Basically, students are provided with content at home to be later discussed and developed at school with the teacher´s guidance. I believe that, as teachers, it is crucial to innovate and incorporate new ideas and dynamics. Flipped classrooms help students to develop their autonomy, re-think old patterns, engage their curiosity and realize that the school is not the only place to learn. I believe that considering this approach allows the creation of a truly fruitful link between technology, reality in different contexts and learners ‘autonomy I would definitely make use of it, especially with teenagers. Still, I agree with Dalma, that this approach may represent a challenge for those student who do not have access to neither internet nor a computer so teachers should consider this potential disadvantages in order to create a "plan B".