Sunday, 3 June 2018

Photo Essay

A photo essay is a series of photographic images. Traditionally these were called “slide essays” or “slide shows.” Now such photo essays can be created with relative ease, using a desktop computer and slide show software (not covered in this article). Software has reduced the technical work, but the artistic challenges of creating an appealing photo essay remain, and are the subject of this article.
Applications of Photo Essays
Why would you want to create a photo essay? The overall motivation is to share your photographs and to create a work that others can enjoy & learn from.

First you must decide on a theme for your show. We listed a number of examples above, but
don’t stop there. There are no limitations, and part of your creative task is to develop a story to
tell. Think about your objective: to inspire, to educate, or perhaps just pure entertainment.
Often your theme will be derived from a review of your available images, but you can also
create an excellent photo essay by shooting new images to illustrate a chosen theme.

Photo Essays NYTimes

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